Many people are overwhelmed by pool projects.  The thought of dealing with permits, estimates, contractors, construction, technological processes, schedules, coordination, and the long list of project management items can be scary.  But it doesn’t need to be.  Aqua Doctor offers a variety of residential and commercial consulting services to help our customers navigate the sometimes wavy waters of pool projects.


Some customers want to know a lot about their pools, and some want to know very little.  For those who wish to become experts, Aqua Doctor comes to your pool and provides effective education sessions regarding the operation of your pool and associated equipment.  We will also photograph and/or video your equipment and the various control functions so that you can refer to backup media at any time should you forget.  All information will also be stored on our secure server so anytime you have a question we can look virtually at things from the same vantage point.

Let Aqua Doctor’s Expertise and Experience

Work For You

energy efficiency

Aqua Doctor can help save you money!  The inefficient operation of an average size swimming pool can cost up to three times more to operate than a streamlined and energy efficient pool.  A common mistake made by many builders is to install oversized or overpowered pumps and equipment with the hopes that bigger pumps=better pools.  Not only is this an error in fact, but it’s also an error in expense.  Aqua Doctor helps to make sure that your pool receives the right amount of power and treatment without wasting precious dollars or resources.


Aqua Doctor offers safety assessment and planning services.  A thoughtful approach to pool access and swimming practices can help improve safety and fun in your backyard.

project planning and research

How do I get started?  What will my town allow?  My town is giving my a hard-time regarding my project—what can I do?  Allow Aqua Doctor to do the heavy lifting regarding your pool planning phase.  Our extensive experience in all areas of pre-construction planning can expedite your progress.  Whether you hire us for the job or not, a small investment in the planning phase can pay great dividends in making sure your project gets underway on schedule and on budget.

bid coordination and evaluation

Do you hate dealing with project bids and comparisons? Aqua Doctor will help you evaluate your project bids and make sure they are apples to apples.  We will break them down for you so you understand all aspects of your project bids.  We can then help you evaluate your options and move forward with the plan that best suits your needs and your budget.

warranty concerns

You say it’s a warranty issue.  They say it’s not.   We can help.  Aqua Doctor is an authorized warranty center for most major manufacturers and we are the preferred warranty vendor for many.  We work closely with manufacturers and our customers enjoy the benefits of this dynamic when warranty questions arise.  We get to the bottom of a problem and we are a great ally when it comes to warranty coverage.


Aqua Doctor can fix what other pool companies can’t. And unlike many other companies who seem to “replace rather than research,” Aqua Doctor technicians are well-trained and well-versed in the art of careful repairs. Aqua Doctor is also a beta-tester for emerging pool technologies and solutions and therefore more familiar than most with the inner workings of the most current automation and operation tools.



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