Pool Bid Coordination and Evaluation


Effortlessly Navigating the Pool Bidding Process

Purchasing a pool is a huge deal, with so many moving parts. Before you even get to the point of actually hiring a pool professional and installing the pool itself, there are some crucial elements of the planning process that need to be settled immediately. And while there are a number of pre-installation steps, some of the most important are pool bids and evaluations.


What is a Pool Bid?

You might not be at an auction, but bidding for a pool closely follows the same concept. A pool bid is a certain sum of money offered by a pool installation company for the services that it would provide you with if that company was hired. The amount of money for each bid is based on a pool company’s set of detailed plans and specifications for a potential customer’s specific pool layout and design. The pricing of a pool bid will vary for each person, based on pool length, depth and a handful of other factors.


Becoming Familiar With the Process 

First and foremost, a homeowner must obtain a set of plans. The plans should be as thorough as possible, detailing exactly what the homeowner wants. The plans also must be designed by a pool professional who provides accurate specifications. These specifications must include the coordinates of certain pool components, the quality of materials that will be used and how the project will be executed. When the plans have been drawn up, getting estimates for the pool’s construction from a pool company comes next. Since each pool company will come up with its own design and layout, estimates are tentative, not set in stone. Evaluating these bids, estimates and plans are the final component to the process.


Specifications and Proper Evaluation 

It can be overwhelming to receive multiple bids. But as far as evaluating the pool bids go, it’s truthfully not just about opting for the pool company that gives you the lowest price. There are so many things to keep in mind when assessing each estimate that you receive for your future pool. Because the Aqua Doctor team has been in the business for so long, we’re familiar with each one. The structure of the pool, depths of the shallow and deep ends, dimensions, layout, coping and decking, interior finish, steps and benches, lights, electrical connections, equipment and pool warranties all are top priorities to sort through and consider. Choosing the pool professional who has a correct plan for each of these elements, and within your price range, is a safe bet.


Consult the Aqua Doctor for Pool Bid Coordination and Evaluation

At Aqua Doctor, we do the hard work for you, and help our valued customers through the pool bid process. Our pool bid coordination and evaluation services are highly rated among our clients, and are designed to help with any type of pool. Please contact us by calling 973-236-0160 to learn more today.