Pool Project Planning & Research


Extensive Pre-Development Pool Services

There are so many different elements that planning a pool project entails, like when to get started and what your town will allow. And since the Aqua Doctor team has so much experience and knowledge about pre-construction planning, we utilize our expertise and research to provide outstanding services. We help clients navigate the preparation phase before coming to a concrete decision on whether they should install a pool on their property.


Proper Budgeting Techniques

First and foremost, we assist our clients with figuring out their expenses – from how much money they have to work with, to discussing how much each part of the pool construction process will cost. It’s important to note that there are a few different moving parts, and understanding those – and how much each should cost – will help with the financial planning stage. Budgeting for a pool includes the actual pool itself, pool equipment, cleaning services, maintenance, utility bills and landscaping around the pool.


Pool Placement Strategies

The final product of a completely installed pool makes it seem easy, but pool placement strategy requires a lot more attention than one might think. The Aqua Doctor team can draw up a bird’s-eye view of the pool, allowing customers to see what the end result will look like in their backyard. When we provide our pool placement services, we consider where the pool will go in relation to trees, shrubs and other elements of their landscape that may get in the way. We also figure out the best possible place to install the pool by factoring in sheds, swing sets and the distance from your home. The sun also plays a role in where we decide to place the pool, and whether it will constantly cover the water during the day.  


Township Permit Advising

Regardless of which state, county, town or city you reside in, building permits will be a hot topic of discussion when installing a pool. Our team is fluent in these permits and rules, so we are able to help you through the sometimes-stressful process of obtaining permits, understanding various swimming pool construction laws and regulations. We can even work with utility companies to investigate any buried utility lines on your property, which is another municipality concern when residents wish to construct a pool on their property.   


Allow Us to Help with the Pre-Construction Phase  

For any and all pool project planning and research inquiries, the Aqua Doctor is the go-to expert at an affordable price. If you’re thinking about installing a pool, don’t skip the first, most important step. Contact the Aqua Doctor office, located in East Hanover, New Jersey, by calling 973-236-0160. We’ll be happy to walk you through the planning process, provide substantial advice and get your pool plan in motion as soon as possible.