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Aqua Doctor’s founder and president, Isaac Keselman, is considered to be one of New Jersey’s leading swimming pool experts.  Pool industry manufacturers, insiders and consumers alike seek Aqua Doctor’s expertise on projects of all shapes and sizes.

Efficient, Durable, and Beautiful



Founded initially as a pool service company, Aqua Doctor was frequently asked by clients during service visits to solve pool problems created by other pool service and construction companies. Aqua Doctor became so good at fixing problems created by other pool builders that it became a no-brainer to start building our own pools. We build top-quality pools and we stand behind our work.

Extensive experience, the latest technological innovations, and a thorough work ethic give Aqua Doctor its reputation as the first choice in swimming pool construction, renovation and service. Aqua Doctor is built on the simple core belief that doing a job right the first time is the best way to do business. Our clients have been enjoying the benefits of our work ethic for nearly 20 years, and our new clients are given the same treatment from day one.


Aqua Doctor started as a pool service company and we take care of all of the pools that we build. We know that once a construction or renovation project is complete, simple and efficient maintenance is a homeowner priority. It is our priority too.



Pool Contruction

We know more about pool construction than most companies—and we love it more than most as well.  Aqua Doctor has been caring for top-quality pools for nearly 20 years.

Pool Maintenance

Aqua Doctor is the expert that pool equipment manufacturers call in to solve problems that other pool companies can’t fix.


Aqua Doctor offers a variety of residential and commercial consulting services to help our customers navigate the sometimes wavy waters of pool projects.


  • “When we decided to install a pool at our home in Madison we looked into several pool builders.  When weighing all options it was clear that Aqua Doctor was the only choice for the pool construction and all surrounding hardscape.  From start to finish Aqua Doctor was on time and exceeded every expectation we had.  Upon completion, we had a pool that was not only technologically advanced and efficient, but most importantly easy to use.  Add to that the Aqua Doctor seasonal pool maintenance and it is a turnkey experience.”

    Scott, Madison, NJ
    Scott, Madison, NJ
  • “I have been working with Aqua Doctor for over 12 years now.  They are one of the most diligent companies I work with, and that's saying something.  I would be hard pressed to find any other companies who work to such an exacting detail.  Their goal has always been to get the job done right--the first time--and done promptly.  It is a pleasure to work with such a company, as Meyco is involved in the design and production of highly complicated cover projects for some of the most exotic swimming pools in the country.”

    Phillip Saltzman, Meyco Pool Covers
    Phillip Saltzman, Meyco Pool Covers
  • “The word Doctor means teacher in Latin. To be considered a teacher you must posses all of the knowledge and expertise that pertains to a certain discipline. In the case of The Aqua Doctor, a more fitting name could not have been devised. The combined swimming pool expertise that this company possesses encompasses every facet of making the backyard experience a great one.”

    Mike McVan, Pentair
    Mike McVan, Pentair


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