Pool Warranty Concerns


Important Things to Know About Warranties for Your Pool  

As a warranty center for multiple, major pool manufacturers, the Aqua Doctor team is highly knowledgeable and extremely well-versed in pool warranties. For this reason, our clients have trusted us for years when it comes to figuring out which pool warranties they should get, and exactly what each one entails. That said, it’s perfectly normal to become concerned and apprehensive about investing in a warranty. Fortunately for our clientele, they can trust us to put those worries to rest.


Pool Manufacturer Warranty Specifics

There are two different pool manufacturer warranties that people can take advantage of when they have a concrete pool. Those are a warranty for the actual structure and a warranty for the gelcoat finish that keeps the inside of the pool safe. It’s uncommon for there to be any issues with these manufacturer warranties. It’s still a good idea to find out exactly how a manufacturer plans on fixing the repairs required if damage occurs, and what specifically the warranty covers when problems do arise.


Detailed Pool Equipment Warranty

It’s obvious that pools come with a ton of equipment, all of which are essential to the proper functioning of the pool’s interior and exterior. Sometimes, though, homeowners aren’t sure if they are entitled to a warranty for every single piece. Pool dealers are the ones who supply warranties for pool equipment, and almost always cover the filters, pumps, heaters, salt water chlorine and lights. It’s wise to weigh your options before settling on one, because the same exact equipment can have two different warranties, varying in the number of years it is actually covered.


Aspects of a Pool Workmanship Warranty

Another warranty provided by the pool dealership is a workmanship warranty, which is essentially its way of backing up the work the company put into the pool it built. This warranty is the company’s way of reassuring you that it is, in fact, responsible for any issues that may occur, as it would be a result of the company’s craftsmanship. Customers should use this warranty specifically as either a positive or negative sign of the professional they’ve hired to install the pool, based on the inclusiveness and fairness of the warranty. Traditionally, mishaps such as plumbing leaks or movement of the pool’s patio are solid reasons for calling your pool dealership and asking to put that warranty into effect. Workmanship warranties are usually not needed until a year or so after the pool has been constructed and installed.


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