Pool Consulting & Troubleshooting


Navigating Pool Projects and Solving Complex Problems

When it comes to commercial and residential pools, many elements and factors – from the pre-planning phase to fixing technical issues – should be placed in the hands of a trusted pool expert.  When you look to the Aqua Doctor team for both pool consultations and pool troubleshooting, it’s safe to say that the future of your pool is in the best of hands.


All-Inclusive Pool Consultations

As exciting as a new pool is, the thought of creating a plan and executing every detail, from start to finish, can be intimidating. Homeowners are among the list of clients we are able to offer our pool consultation services to, so that the stress of handling every single moving part of the pool planning stage can be taken away completely. Thanks to our expert opinion and unmatched insight, we help our clients deal with permits, project accurate estimates, find quality contractors, oversee the multiple phases of construction, assist with technological processes, manage the scheduling and help with coordination, in addition to other tricky project management tasks. We firmly believe that the installation of a new pool should be an enjoyable process, for both residential and commercial projects alike. When a client invests in a pool consultation, the burden is taken off of their shoulders, and they’re able to remain excited – instead of worried – throughout the process.


Pool Troubleshooting and Care

A pool is only as good as you maintain it, which is what the Aqua Doctor lives and swears by, as demonstrated through our awesome pool maintenance service. Even the most well taken care of pools still experience issues, which is perfectly normal – but a pain to repair yourself. Fortunately, for pool owners, we’re able to solve performance issues and equipment malfunctions for residential pools, including but not limited to clogged pump impellers, leaking skimmers and jammed pool cleaners. Unlike other pool companies who just replace items, we always put in the effort, skill and time to fix them, resulting in a better, cost-friendlier outcome for you. And we aren’t just well trained in pool repairs – in fact, the Aqua Doctor is a beta-tester for state-of-the-art, emerging pool technologies and solutions. That being said, we’re extremely familiar with the latest automation and operation tools, which gives us a home-court advantage while being compared with other pool companies in the area.


Set Up an Appointment for Our Trusted Services

Run by one of New Jersey’s leading swimming pool experts, the Aqua Doctor team is highly sought after by pool industry manufactures, insiders and consumers. Our clients are our top priority, and we have countless years of experience. Whether you’re at the very beginning stage of installing a new pool, or have a pool-related issue you are trying to resolve, the Aqua Doctor team is always a safe bet to consider for pool consultations and pool troubleshooting. Contact us by calling our East Hanover, New Jersey headquarters at 973-236-0160.