Pool Energy Efficiency


Effectively Operating a Pool

The costs of a pool – from the pool construction process to the daily pool maintenance – may appear a bit pricey at first. But those bills are nothing in comparison to a pool that is operated in an inefficient way. When a standard-sized swimming pool is run poorly, it can cost up to three times more to operate than a streamlined, energy-efficient pool. For this reason, the Aqua Doctor team works tirelessly to make sure that each and every one of our clients have an energy-efficient pool on their property.


The Correct Way to Operate a Filter

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to pool energy efficiency is the improper use and operation of a filter. While many pool companies have indicated it is okay to leave the filter dirty, this uncleanly state adds pressure to the circulation system, causing the pump to work even harder and use even more energy. The Aqua Doctor team is a big advocate for keeping your filter clean enough to keep the pump running at a low speed, and harmful particles out that could otherwise make the pump run incorrectly.


How to Manage the Pump’s Speed

Many pool builders tend to install oversized, overpowered pumps and equipment since they believe that a bigger pump will yield a better pool. The Aqua Doctor team knows this is not just an error in fact, but also an error in expense. For this reason, Aqua Doctor helps to make sure that your pool receives the right amount of power and treatment, without wasting our client’s precious money, time or resources.  


When to Use a Pool Heater  

The pool heater may seem unsuspecting, but it also poses a threat for an inefficient pool. The incorrect use of a heater could actually add more resistance in the system. We might suggest that you opt out of a pool heater altogether, so that the water only runs through it when warmth is absolutely necessary. Avoiding the use of a pool heater consequently reduces head loss, which is especially relevant in systems where water is run at a higher speed.


Chemical Feeders and Sanitizer Options   

As leading professionals in the pool industry, we at Aqua Doctor know that each and every chemical feeder and sanitizer is built differently. Before our client settles on a feeder or sanitizer – even for energy-saving purposes – our team will discuss the pros and cons with them, exploring certain issues, and then allow them to make a more informed decision. If the sanitizer or feeder that they choose adds a certain amount of feet to the system, excessive energy will push more water than is actually needed through it. The Aqua Doctor suggests that clients should bypass part of this water flow around the feeder or sanitizer, only sending as much water as absolutely necessary.   


Pool Automation Potential    

In order to save as much energy as possible, it’s suggested that clients use LED lights instead of standard bulbs. This only serves the purpose it should, however, when it is run for the appropriate time. We’ve found that many clients run their LED lights longer than they should, defeating the entire purpose of getting them in the first place.


Schedule a Pool Energy Efficiency Appointment

Please feel free to contact our Aqua Doctor office by calling 973-236-0160. We will be more than happy to discuss the energy efficiency of your existing pool, or installing options that are the most efficient possible for your new pool, from the proper filter to the correct use of a sanitizer.