Pool Education


Learning How to Manage Your Pool  

The Aqua Doctor has had a wide range of customers within our nearly 20 years of experience. During that time, we have found that a large number of clientele are eager to learn more about their pool, accompanying equipment, the way it is constructed and how to maintain it. Even if your pool was installed by another company, Aqua Doctor will be able to provide outstanding educational sessions to teach anything you ask about or need to know regarding your pool.


On-Site Service  

When you call the Aqua Doctor and request an educational service, a team member will come directly to your home to educate you. Once there, Aqua Doctor will give an in-depth educational session to teach you more about the way your pool operates and the equipment associated with your pool. Because we understand that the information might be overwhelming, a staff member will record the steps we teach regarding the pool equipment and various control functions via photograph or video. Our clients then are able to refer back to the media, so that they won’t have trouble figuring it out the next time around.


Pool Construction Facts

At Aqua Doctor, we truly know more about pool construction than most other companies in our field, and we love it more as well. Don’t believe it? We are often asked to be the preferred warranty and repair provider for regional pool manufacturers in our area. Needless to say, we know our stuff when it comes to pool construction. We are able to educate our customers about the latest technologies used to build their pools and explain any gray areas that might concern them.


How to Properly Maintain Your Pool  

Pool maintenance is one of our specialties. It represents a majority of what our clientele ask about because maintaining your pool is crucial to the structure, safety and overall aesthetic of it. Even though we offer a pool maintenance service, the Aqua Doctor team also educates our customers on how to open, close and provide regular weekly services to keep the pool as fresh, beautiful and clean as possible. When something goes wrong with pool equipment, we also are able to come to your site and teach you about the most affordable and efficient solutions.


Pool Consulting

Our pool consulting services allow us to educate our customers through the sometimes confusing process of taking on a pool and maintaining its upkeep. We will teach you how to deal with permits, configure estimates, find a reliable contractor, deal with construction, how technological processes are performed and the schedules and coordination a pool project must maintain. Our residential and commercial consulting services are able to help our clients learn more about, and really understand, all pool services and management practices.


Contact the Aqua Doctor for Pool Education   

Getting a new pool is such an exciting moment, guaranteeing a lifetime of fun, water-filled, precious memories with family and friends alike. Aqua Doctor’s founder and president, Isaac Keselman, is one of New Jersey’s best swimming pool experts, and the go-to guy for so many of the area’s pool questions and concerns. With extensive experience, knowledge of the latest technological innovations, the ability to fix just about any pool-related issue and our knack for teaching people all about their pools – from the equipment to the upkeep – it’s pretty apparent that we are the right choice for educating pool owners about their pools. Please contact the Aqua Doctor office by calling 973-236-0160, or fill out a form online to inquire about our pool education services.