Pool Safety

Our Thoughtful Approach to Optimal Pool Safety

The beautiful, seamless pools we install for our clientele are always above expectation, but we also work hard to offer safety assessment and planning services for each project that we take on. The Aqua Doctor team takes great pride in providing these important safety lessons for the customers with whom we work, and building pools that meet every single safety standard requirement.  


Swimming Pool Safety Assessment

The pools that the Aqua Doctor team install always keep the standard safety requirements involved to ensure the protection of those who use it, as well as the neighbors and passersby near your property. Based on which type of pool you have, we carefully consider every variable, so that it coincides with our pool safety checklist. These factors are based on your own specific circumstance – depending on the size of the pool, square footage of the property, proximity of the pool to the house and whether you have a fence or latchable door system surrounding it. Aqua Doctor evaluates the doors, windows, child-resistant barriers, boundary fence, pool fence, pool railings, maintenance of the pool, gate swing, gate latch, proper signage and the location of the pool that we install.   


Best Swimming Practices and Safety Planning  

It’s not just about the logistics and location of the pool. In fact, the Aqua Doctor team also takes into account a number of other factors when it comes to pool safety planning and best swimming practices. We make sure that the pool’s pumps, grates and suction are properly installed and function to optimal ability at all times. This includes educating pool users and owners on how to switch the pool and spa electrical pump system on and off, advising swimmers to keep hair tied and not to wear dangling jewelry, and making sure that the pool drain is a large enough area with smaller openings. It’s also important that the pool owners know about supervision of the pool. Constant adult supervision is always required and touch supervision is used by children who can’t swim. Regarding emergency preparedness, we also advise that our clients have current CPR certifications, a first aid kit and a telephone near the pool in the event that an emergency occurs. Lastly, the Aqua Doctor team provides pool chemical education to pool owners. We go over pool chemical storage, protective equipment, chemical containers, mixing chemicals and safety directions.


Utilize Our Pool Safety Services Today  

The Aqua Doctor team always makes sure that our pools are constructed with the latest technologies, the highest quality possible and are created to exceed expectations. Our pool safety services are one of the most important elements of our work, and we are proud to offer our extensive knowledge and expertise so that our clients can use the pools we build in a safe way. If you’d like to know more about our pool safety services – including our pool safety assessment, planning services, pool access and best swimming practices – contact us by calling 973-236-0160.